See SSTROM play live at Hybirda Fest 27-29th of June

This is a special HYBRIDA FEST 2024 PRESHOW broadcast with SSTROM and me, DJ Selfhelp. Hybrida Fest is an intimate experimental arts x music festival in the midst of the Swedish forests between the 27-29th of June where SSTROM will play live. To get your tickets and learn more about the festival, visit /www.hybridafest.info/

SSTROM has been involved in an array of influential bands

I’ve known SSTROM for the past 15 years or so. I met him in Berlin for the first time, even though we were from the same hometown. And even before I knew him, I watched him playing from afar with his band Slagsmålsklubben. A band that gave many people in our small town of Norrköping the belief they could make music (or anything) that could reach beyond their small circle of friends. 

SSTROM playing live with SHXCXCHCXSH in Berlin 2024.

SSTROM is one half of sample twisters SHXCXCHCXSH

When we met, he and his partner in crime, Emmanuel Moreno (the techno duo of SHXCXCHCXSH) made a big dent on my taste in music. And the house they both lived in at the time, the infamous SMK house on Stora Essingen in Stockholm, was a portal to an unlimited world of exploration for many around 2010 and the source of some of my fondest memories from my early twenties.

You can hear SSTROM’s signature sound in whatever project he is involved in.

Edgy, confident, groovy, clean and rough, all at once. He runs the label RÖSTEN with his partner Emmanuel where they release much of SSTROM's music. Here are an album on RÖSTEN and his latest release on Pariah's label VOAM.

Second hour of the
show by me, DJ Selfhelp

I share a mix inspired by the rhododendrons blossoming in our garden lately. It's a fast-paced mix filled with deep grooves, intensity and playfulness.

Tracklists from both mixes can be found in the text description on SoundCloud.

Get a glimpse of Hybrida Fest 2024

Hybrida Fest is a residency art exhibition in a rambling ironworks. A program of live performances, workshops, and DJ sets. We'll eat home-cooked meals together, jump in the lake sweaty from the sauna and toast to new friends. Get your tickets here. Here's a teaser video I made with music by SSTROM - Fyren