CoN Radio Show #06 The PLX Residuum Show with DJ Selfhelp

Just got back
from PLX

We just got back from a very very pleasant PLX festival in the Swedish Archipelago with loads of new lovely memories, friends and mosquito bites. Did a show in the vein of warmth and recovery today. Loads of bouncy and groovy things but all easy on your eardrums, like a cozy soundhug. Below are pictures from the festival.


Zoron - A1 - Untitled
YS & Alex Bienstock - Free
Barcode - Being Left Undone
Wallace - Home
Mystica Tribe - Ash (DJ Sotofett's Ash of Dub mix)
Joy O - Sin Palta
Dashiell - Heineken Dub
Neo Image - Winskill Dub
Kolter - Ghost in the breaks

Ghost in the breaks
DJ Spence - Fan Needed
Luigi Tozzi - Black Market
Levon Vincent - 4AM RUSH
Trevino - No Response
Batu - Traverse
Windowseeker - Aspire+
YS & Alex Bienstock - Apples
Kettel - Krabs
Shed - The Traveller
Haruomi Hosono - Talking Dog
Isolee -