Hybrida Fest Reflections

Hybrida Fest 2023

I did a Hybrida Fest Reflections Radio Show. Hybrida Fest was a bold, intimate, cute and inspiring little arts festival in the woods of Värmland that took place in the middle of July. It gave me a lot of energy and inspiration. I put all of that energy in this show. We will go from 110bpm to 160bpm or so and I will play all sorts of moods and styles, some of the music from the people performing. Have a list to get a taste of what it was like at this beautiful lite festival.


ARP - Pastoral Symphony - 1. Dominoes 2. Infinity Room
Rosie Lowe Duval Timothy - Gonna Be
Cabbage boy - Channelhopper
Jorg Kuning - Algotherapy
IMP - Ingrate
Tunik - Electro 01
Ron Morelli - Heart Stopper
Schlagstock (Vacant Gaze Version)
Young Marble Giants - The Taxi

Joy Orbison - Playground (Feat. Goya Gumbani)
Olof Dreijer & Mount Sims - Hybrid Fruit
Human Space Machine - Slo
Davis Galvin - Crust Shift
The Sabres Of Paradise - Duke Of Earlsfield
Forest Drive West - Turtle Break
Human Resources - Tra3_E
Fracture - Verhoeven
OMNISELF - elecrec
Blawan - Dismantled Into Juice (feat. Monstera Black)

A big thank you to the people involved putting this whole thing together. Please do it again! @egr3gore @omniself2 @gabrieller0se_ @translucidal_chaos @sariaurora @joar__torbiornsson @ritgruvan @mltaarnskov @lucie_cure_ @_samodj @andreasthorstensson @femifrykberg @maury111 @einleit @alvincollantesdance @lueursnocturnes and all the rest I can’t find.