CoN Radio show #03 With DJ Selfhelp & Behrang Mohammadi

Meet Behrang

Beloved listener, follower and lurker! It’s spring, I have a creature living in my CDJ (for real!) and the delightful @behrang.mohammadi is a guest on the @centre.of.nowhere Radio show #03. Initially, I wanted to broadcast Behrang's set from the launch of the radio show but why dwell in the past when you can give birth to something new, it’s spring after all. I, DJ Selfhelp will host, Behrang will be a guest and you, I hope, will come along.

Behrang is a vinyl DJ first and foremost. He has been involved with booking artists for the PLX festival for many years, he has a monthly residency at Inkonst in Malmö. He is a good friend and I've seen him play multiple times throughout the years and he is as diverse as he is sweet. The pictures below are from PLX 2023 and Sameheads in 2024.

for intro by
DJ Selfhelp

Elkka - Escapism
DJ ojo - Coiled up
Erykah Badu - I'll Call U Back
YT - Everyday
Big Ever - Burst Dial
Call Super feat Julia Holter - Illumina With Julia Holter
Winkelstreben - Peverelist remix
Cop Envy & DJ Plead - Hinged
Cousin - 1 Tun
Facta - Ditto (Dorisburg Remix) (Dorisburg Remix)
Beatrice Dillon & Call Super - Inkjet

Picutre by Olle Holmberg


Lark - Tedra
CrusHerr - Sniper
Aardvarck - Be Spoken (Nubian Mindz Remix 2)
Anthony Thomas - Tonite I Really Need Someone (Instrumental)
Will Azada - The Whip
Mark Grusane - Knock Knock, Who's There?
Kai Alcé – Late Night Theme
Marc Mac - Kingston Hot
Sun, Sun, Sun - Curious (Instrumental Mix)
Jellybean - Modern Tribe
Detroit Emeralds - Feel The Need In Me

Picture by Fofo