Centre of Nowhere Launch

We are moving to Sweden & starting
a radio show

Here we are, in our flat in Neukölln that we have lived in with our kids for the past 7 years. It's been a place for us to live and host the many friends that have been passing through. It's exciting and terrifying, all in one to leave Berlin. Terrifying enough to get us to to finally start initial steps to building a centre of nowhere, and a radio which I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.

For now, @centre.of.nowhere is a radio show hosted by me, DJ Selfhelp, that will launch on the 18th of March, just before we leave busy Berlin for the woods in Sweden. And the dream is to create an actual centre in the end, in the middle of nowhere and open the doors for artists to come and stay, play and create among trees, trolls and open landscapes. This radio show is the lighthouse project for this idea. 

For the launch, we have invited some of the great and sweet artists we have met in Berlin over the past 12 years to set it off, and then bring that energy with us as we move north. here's the lineup:

Ed Davenport @inland_ed
Macrosoft @macrosoft___ & DJ Ion @dj_ion.121
Behrang Mohammadi @behrang.mohammadi
Rahina @johannanot
Sprintf @sprintf_
Nalamazon @nalamazon

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