Centre of Nowhere Radio #10 with DJ Skain & Selfhelp

DJ Skain is here.

A new year has just begun and yesterday a sweet treat arrived from Berlin at the @centre.of.nowhere and you’ll all get a taste tomorrow - @dj_skain is here!

He was very much the initial inspiration for Centre of Nowhere radio with his long-standing @megabuff endeavor; a unique and deeply community-driven live show, record label and party, loved by many. He’s shared his broad taste several times on Refuge Worldwide Radio, is curious by nature and a sweet sweet man.

Come get a bite of this lovely fella tomorrow Saturday the 13th of January at 21.00

Expect a UK-leaning, dubby, grimey, bassy, garage-y thing ending with a fiery B2B full of bangers, edits and sparkles. And as always, get involved by joining the WhatsApp Group.